Professional Property Photographers Cardiff, South Wales

Are you looking for Property Photographers ? In this digital age and where google is the first thing people use to search for properties, great property photos are essential in marketing your house or commercial premises online regardless if it is for sale or rent, you need your property photos to stand out from the competition. We are professional property photographers, we will make sure that you get the best results to make your commercial premises, house, apartment or other property is at its most appealing to your viewers. Photographing property interiors and exteriors is a specialist skill. Knowing how to shoot a property to maximise its best features or to make sure buyers see the true potential takes time and the right equipment.

Why do you need professional property photos?

Potential buyers are scanning the internet very quickly and great photos are going to be what makes them stop and look further. Your property will most likely be on sites such as rightmove and with so many properties to look at, poor quality images are not going to stand out, in fact they could do more damage with your property not looking its best. Presentation is key and you need your property to be looking at its best.

Yes, you can take a decent photo with a phone these days, but it takes a professional eye to make sure the lighting is good and make sure the photos are properly in focus and taken at the correct angles. We can also use drones to take amazing aerial photos and video footage of your property

What do we photograph?

We can photograph all types of properties, Residential, Exteriors, Interiors, Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Restaurants, Flats, Apartments, B&B’s, Holiday complexes, New Build & Development areas.

We not only take photos but can also produce short video clips of your property from the ground or above, all professionally edited into a short video to display on your website, social media etc.

Quick turn around

We understand how important it is to get your property advertised quickly, so in most cases we will deliver the photos we take to you within 24 hours with an easy to use and private download link.

Whether it’s a holiday apartment, a large hotel, a traditional B&B, New Builds & Developments, or a property for sale, professional property photography can make all the difference. it is a proven fact, good photography sells, and with the photography costs being a fraction of a sales price, the return on your investment is quick to materialise.

With so many properties on the market these days, your listings are being judged by the quality of your marketing. It’s not a question of CAN you afford to hire a professional property photographer, but more so can you afford NOT to have outstanding property photography.

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