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HDR Workshop – Wednesday 17th February 2016

We invite you to attend our HDR workshop and learn EVERYTHING you need to know to enable you to produce stunning HDR photos. We will take you through every step, from taking the photos right through to editing. You will learn a lot more than just HDR, you will learn how to get the best from your DSLR with shooting in raw and learning priceless editing techniques from three expert photographers and designers. A buffet lunch will be provided and refreshments will be available throughout the afternoon, Just bring yourself, camera and tripod.

Gift Vouchers are available if you would like to purchase as a gift, just choose above to book as either for yourself or as a gift. If you book as a gift then we will send you a gift voucher in the post.

After you have booked you will receive a confirmation email and a download link to the Itinerary for the day, this will include all the dates, times and addresses you need.

Stage 1: Practical Photos

To start the day we will meet at the Beautiful Tredegar House in Newport, we will review camera settings and take bracketed photos ready for editing later

Stage 2: Editing Photos

For the second part of the day we will show you how to edit the photos we have all taken in the Bardsey suite, The Beacon Centre, St Mellons. This is only a 10min drive from Tredegar House.

Meet your Experts

Adrian Lindsay

Adrian has over 30 years experience  in the Graphic design, Print and Photography industry  and along with his business partner Stephen, has owned and run their own successful company since 2006. Adrian started in the industry when Apple Mac was in its infancy and has developed his skill set as technology has changed over the…

John Burns
John Burns

John has over 20 years experience in photography covering weddings and commercial events, and was an early adopter of the HDR genre. John is a verified presenter and lecturer for the Welsh Photographic Federation where he regularly presents sessions on HDR, Lightroom processing and Studio Photography. John also has 25 years experience in Project Management…

Stephen Davies
Stephen Davies

Stephen is a self taught Graphic Designer and Photographer.  Over the years he has worked in a variety of different disciplines and learned the ropes in a hands on way as a hungry assistant photographer. Over the last ten years he has worked as a Wedding and Commercial photographer in South Wales, photographing everything from…

Workshop Summary

  • What is HDR?: A detailed technical explanation of what constitutes an HDR image, and how it is made. But, in addition to the technicalities, we discuss the very interesting aspect of the psychology behind the aesthetic, and why people like them (or not!)
    • Dynamic range – Saturation
    • Dynamic range – Luminosity
    • Applications that offer HDR processing
    • Tonemapping
    • Psychology and aesthetic
  • What is HDR perhaps not? – some of the common misconceptions about HDR.
    • Is there a right way or a wrong way??
    • Are there rules?
    • Subjective nature
    • Number of images to use to attain best result
    • Shooting conditions
    • Differences achieved when using single / multiple images
  • AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing) on your camera, and how to access this.
    • How to create multpile images in camera
    • How to create multile images in software
    • Things to avoid and tips to mitigate
    • Camera settings
    • Alternate settings to AEB
    • MyModes
  • Why might we need to produce an HDR image
    • Circumstances as to why we would need to create HDR
    • Contrast / filters / enhancement
    • Because we can!
  • How do we produce HDR images: Here’s the interesting part, we run through using your images, the entire process of image selection to opening and running the HDR software, making the adjustments to see their effect, ending up with a final ‘wow’ image.
    • The entire process of creating an HDR image, from camera to final image
      • Using a single image
      • Using multiple images
    • Software choices and some of the differences
    • The myriad of settings
    • Think of the objective
    • Final image ‘polishing’ – making it ‘pop’
  • Doing it!! – this is the interesting bit – practical and worked-through examples of HDR images & HDR processing

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